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Grace Rehab

Grace Rehab
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You're stupid. ugly. Too short, tall, skinny, fat, dark, light, or slow. You'll never amount to much. You don't measure up. I don't want you. You're a failure. Damaged goods. Dirty. Loser. Pervert. Unholy. Bad.
Ouch! There are as many labels as there are abusive parents, schoolyard bullies, mean girls, and self-righteous preachers to slap them on you.
The two most important labels in your life are how you label yourself and how you label God. These labels create self-fulfilling prophecies. They determine how you relate to yourself, to others, and to God.
The good news is that God stands ready to peel away a lifetime of demeaning labels. He wants to label you the exact same way he labels Jsus: Beautiful. Accepted. Beloved. Righteous. Powerful. Good.
In GRACE REHAB, Bill Giovannetti guides you through a total transformation of your inner labels. With humor and insight, he explores 17 Riches in Christ to help you shed your self-defeating labels and embrace with confidence the joyful person you were meant to be.
The Grace Rehab Study Guide for groups and individuals is also available wherever books are sold.

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Grace Rehab

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